Participation Rules

  1. In the case of unforeseen circumstances ( i.e. natural disaster ) whereby the event must be cancelled, entry fees will not be refunded.
  2. The organizers will guarantee for the provision of first-aid medical help for injuries occurring during the race only. Any additional and/or other medical assistance required is the responsibility of the participant. It is hereupon requested that participants arrange for accident insurance in advance of participating in the race. The organizers will make no provision for accident insurance on behalf of participants.
  3. All participants should be able to complete the event within the stipulated Cut Off Times. After the entry is made, start training for the race.
  4. Participants are responsible for undergoing a physical examination administered by a doctor prior to the race to ensure sound physical condition.
  5. Race officials have the right to stop runners who appear unable to run further or who are interfering with other runners ( i.e. running backwards or in an otherwise irregular manner ).
  6. Runners must honor Cut Off Times and the required items list. Participants will be disqualified if found not doing so. Any objections will not be tolerated.
  7. Substitute runners are prohibited. Upon detection, the participant will be disqualified.
  8. Furthermore, the substitute runner is not covered by event insurance.
  9. Participants are requested to agree in advance to have their pictures taken during the race and possibly used in printed matter such as the event program or on the event website.
  10. They also are required to allow sponsors free use of their pictures for entrants' brochures and newspapers.
  11. Running in disguise is not allowed.
  12. As well, participants must obey all instructions by the officials.
  13. The organizers agree to keep all personal information, such as name, address etc. confidential.
    However for sake of competition result posting and mailing notifications, the organizers reserve the right to use.
  14. All personal valuables are the responsibility of the participants. Organizers accept no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  15. Entries cannot be cancelled. In the event that a participant is not able to participate, entry fees will not be refunded.
    The race will be timed with an electronic timing system. Make sure to follow officials instructions on where to place the race number bib.
  16. Please note that Organizers will not act as guarantors for participants requiring visas.
  17. Please refrain from using earphones while running in order to ensure the safety.
  18. When you change your running route during the race, please make sure of the safety and avoid accidental contact.
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