Distance Categories


Distance 6 KM 20 KM 50 KM
Flag Off Time 630am 600am 530am
Cut off Time 1200pm 1200pm 530pm
Elevation Profile Click Here Click Here TBA
Allocated Slots 200 200 200
Price RM80 RM90 RM180


Mandatory Kit List 2019

Failure to meet the mandatory requirements will be met with disqualification

Item Category
50KM 20KM 6KM
Valid Race Bib under own identity Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Mobile Phone Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Whistle Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Hydration bladder/bottle total capacity Mandatory minimum 1 litre Mandatory minimum 500 ml recommended 500 ml
Snacks/Running fuel Strongly recommended Recommended Recommended
Headlamp/flashlight Mandatory Not required Not required
Trail Shoes Strongly recommended Not required Not required
Sunblock Recommended Not required Not required
Cash (at least RM 10) Strongly recommended Recomnended Recommended
Emergency Blanket Mandatory Not required Not required


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